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Association Members

Bail Bonds San Antonio

We’re only a phone call away- 210-436-2133Bail Bonds for all criminal charges including:

  • Felony Bail Bonds
  • Walk Through Bail Bonds
  • Warrant Bail Bonds
  • Signature Bail Bonds
  • Large and small Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds San Antonio – Manuel “Tony” Rodriguez established Eagle Bail Bonds in San Antonio, Texas on June 2003 with the help of his younger sister Consuelo. Eagle Bail Bonds was created with the intention of helping people with the process of getting their loved ones out of jail.


On July 27, 2003 the Bexar County Bail Bond Board approved License #150. On August 1, 2003 Eagle Bail Bonds opened for business at 3005 W. Commerce Suite 2. On July 12, 2005 we moved to our new permanent location of 2515 W. Commerce, San Antonio.

Our office locations are convenient for the customer and away from the jail. We have created professional, discrete environments for our customers to make for a more comfortable experience. We deliver the bonds to the jail for our customers as an added convenience.

Our main goal is for the defendant to return to work and help provide for their family. That’s why we only require them to report by phone once a week. Our convenient 1-800-810-1941 number, for call-ins, can be made from any pay phone at no cost to the defendant.

All you have to do is call us and we will obtain all information from the jail or magistrate office and provide you the bond amount and fees, so you can make the decision to get your loved ones out of jail. As my sister, Consuelo stated, “We’re only a phone call away.”

On February 2012, Letty Rdriguez, Tony’s daughter, started working at Eagle Bail Bonds.

We are members of the Professional Bonds of the United States, Professional Bondsman of Texas, Professional Bail Bond Association of Bexar County and Orange County Bail Bond Association.

Call Letty or Tony so we can get started helping you get you loved one out of jail.